Why Us?

As an independent wealth management firm, we provide a service dedicated to your interests and financial success. With complete commitment to our clients, we work together to identify solutions which offer security and long-term potential for growth, offering you access to a wide range of markets and asset classes.

As our foot print grows within the industry, we offer unrivaled knowledge, unique perspectives and innovative strategies through extensive research and analysis of both your financial situation and the market. Our expert team delivers unique solutions in the areas of portfolio diversification, wealth management, investment strategies and general planning for your estate, retirement and tax.

Our consultancy-based approach places our clients first, with our teams working to analyze your position and identify appropriate solutions. Through in-depth client profiling, market research and comprehensive research, we develop a bespoke strategy for cultivating your wealth and deploying your capital into investments and assets which integrate into your current holdings, delivering security, long-term returns and portfolio resilience.

We leverage our international network of experts to not only provide access to a wide range of opportunities, but also to deliver intelligent perspectives based upon our knowledge of regional markets and economies, enabling us to calculate risk, assess the potential of target investments and evaluate the environment for capital growth. From comprehensive planning and implementation of strategy to acquisition and performance monitoring, Silverman Advisory Group ensures that our clients have the necessary information to make the right decisions.