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Investment Options

Due to the development of financial and investment alternatives previously available only to institutions, investment options and global markets are becoming more accessible.

Risk Management

We recognize and take into account the risks investors may encounter by identifying and incorporating them into our extensive investment plans and strategies. It’s critical to be aware of risks that could put your finances in jeopardy when making retirement plans.

Financial Planning

Long-term, reliable, and steady returns on investments require a financial plan that can survive market volatility while still building a nest egg for retirement. A practical and determined response to the current situation is necessary to protect an investment from losses during market downturns.

Our primary focus is in the Asia-Pacific region, seeking through comprehensive research and analysis to identify opportunities which will enhance our clients’ position. With offices located in the region, and with our reach also extending into other markets around the world, including the Middle East and Europe, we offer access to a wide range of options to advance your interests.

Through our core principles of transparency, honesty and integrity, we work with clients to establish a strategy which benefits you. As an independent investment firm, we are dedicated and committed to providing bespoke solutions which are developed around your position.

There are many reasons to choose the Silverman Advisory Group.

Silverman Advisory Group is an international wealth management company focused on delivering unique solutions for the diverse challenges our clients face. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we combine our traditional values with innovative ideas to provide an exceptional service in strategy creation, investment planning, wealth optimization, asset enhancement and portfolio development.

With over $8 billion in assets under our management and a client base spanning across the globe, our reputation has been built through a consultancy-based approach whereby we work closely with our clients to reach objectives.

Our investment process primarily involves:

Silverman Advisory Group

We Have a lot to offer our family of clients.

At Silverman Advisory Group, when establishing a financial plan for our clients, we take into consideration not only your requirements and objectives, but also current economic climate and market environment. Through our extensive and in-depth process, we look to identify the right solutions for you.

Portfolio Management

We provide access to a variety of hedge fund and alternative fund products. A powerful technique for portfolio diversification is having access to more complex financial possibilities.

Venture Capital

Obtaining investment from venture capitalists allows a startup to start expanding and maturing its firm if it is successful in gaining market traction and success.

Investment Planning

Our method of managing investments is based on a thorough process that begins by determining the unique needs, concerns, and long-term objectives of each of our clients.

Capital Growth

A range of investment products are avaliable to help you achieve your financial goals. By meticulously constructing a portfolio combining a wide range of financial instruments, we put your investing strategy into action.

Legacy Planning

Our opinion is that you planned to leave a legacy. Silverman Advisory Group makes every effort to assist clients in making the right decisions because future planning is so important.

Never invested overseas?

Why you should consider offshore investment?

Offshore investment is at its peak in Hong Kong, and for good reason. As one of the world’s leading financial centers, Hong Kong offers investors a wealth of opportunities for offshore investments.

First and foremost, Hong Kong has a stable and well-regulated financial system. The city has a long history of economic stability, and its government has taken proactive steps to ensure the integrity of its financial system. This provides a sense of security to investors, who can trust that their investments are being managed in a responsible and ethical manner.

In addition, Hong Kong offers a wide range of investment opportunities, from traditional assets such as stocks and bonds to alternative investments such as real estate and private equity. This diversity allows investors to tailor their portfolios to their specific needs and risk tolerance.

Hong Kong also benefits from its proximity to China, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. As China continues to open up its markets and liberalize its economy, Hong Kong is well-positioned to benefit from increased trade and investment flows. This presents numerous opportunities for offshore investors looking to tap into the growth potential of the region.

Finally, Hong Kong’s tax-friendly environment makes it an attractive destination for offshore investors. The city has a simple and transparent tax system, with no capital gains tax and a maximum income tax rate of 17%. This can result in significant cost savings for investors, allowing them to keep more of their investment returns.

Overall, the combination of a stable and well-regulated financial system, a diverse range of investment opportunities, proximity to China, and a tax-friendly environment make Hong Kong an attractive destination for offshore investors. As a result, offshore investment in the city is at its peak and is expected to continue to grow in the years to come.