Investment services

Silverman Advisory Group offers a range of investment and wealth management services, with our approach incorporating pragmatism, regarding your existing and prospective holdings, and structural integrity through the development of resilience and diversification. We ensure that we comprehensively understand our clients, enabling us to evaluate the challenges your face and identify the right solutions for you.

Our clients receive intelligent and informed advice from our team of international experts who help to maintain the efficiency of your existing investments, develop and implement plans to advance your interests, and constantly seek out opportunities to enhance your portfolio and financial position. At Silverman Advisory Group, we simultaneously protect your wealth and actively cultivate productivity through the erudite deployment of capital.

We at Silverman Advisory Group understand that to secure financial stability, security, long-term returns and growth clients require a wealth management approach which encompasses:

Financial Planning

Effective financial planning forms the foundation of a successful wealth strategy. Encompassing a complete evaluation of your position, from your current assets, investments, cash flow to objectives, challenges and future variables, financial planning allows us to establish an overall picture of your circumstances, identify the right options for you by creating a client and investor profile, and create direction for your strategy.

Investment Management

Portfolio and investment management requires both pragmatism and a defined financial plan. Developing a productive portfolio which delivers stable and appreciable returns involves analyzing current investments, assessing efficiency, identifying divestment/investment opportunities, and, ultimately, directing your capital into viable and suitable options. At Silverman Advisory Group, we actively monitor and manage your investments and plan with you how best to cultivate your wealth.

Estate Planning

As part of your long-term financial strategy, Silverman Advisory Group understands the importance of ensuring your legacy and the security of your family. We work closely with clients to plan your estate and ensure your wishes are respected and implemented. Together with our internationally reputable legal team, accountants and advisors, we develop a plan which suits you and delivers the legacy you wish to leave.