About us

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Silverman Advisory Group has today become an internationally recognized wealth management company, with a reputed presence in Asia’s key markets. Managing in excess of $8 billion for clients ranging from private investors and family trusts to global corporations, we are experienced in identifying solutions to myriad challenges, implementing strategies and managing capital and wealth performance.

With offices in both developed economies and emerging markets, we offer access to a wide range of opportunities relevant to the requirements of our clients. Using our unique perspectives and comprehensive research and analysis, we primarily look to uncover opportunities with inherent value; through identifying target investments which are currently undervalued but possess inherent worth and potential, and exist in an environment conducive to growth, we look to offer clients significant capital appreciation.

Our wealth management service is built around our clients, with advisors looking at how to increase efficiency and productivity through in-depth evaluation, and identifying ways in which to cultivate growth and increase financial security.

The foundation of our service is meticulous planning, encompassing the development of a client profile, analysis of market trends and economic environment, and, ultimately, the establishment of a unique client strategy for achieving your objectives.