Investment Process

At Silverman Advisory Group, our consultancy-based investment approach places our clients at the center of what we do, establishing and developing a plan tailored to your specific position and effectively implementing it through our dynamic reach into markets and access to a diverse range of asset options and financial opportunities.

From the identification of an investment opportunity and acquisition to future capital exit, we maintain regular contact with clients, relaying analysis of performance through our constant monitoring of your investments. At Silverman Advisory Group, we oversee progress whilst actively seeking further opportunities which enhance your portfolio.

In developing an investment strategy for our clients, we integrate your financial position, such as current assets, objectives and requirements, with our assessment of the market, allowing us to identify options which not only positively assimilate into your portfolio, but also demonstrate inherent characteristics and exist in an environment conducive to growth.

Our investment process primarily involves:

  • Creating a client investor profile
  • Assessing your position through evaluation of your existing investments
  • Determining objectives
  • Creating a general strategy
  • Increasing portfolio diversity
  • Monitoring investment progress