Frequently asked questions

Is Silverman Advisory Group registered to offer financial advise ?

Yes, Silverman Advisory Group is a completely licensed investment firm; registration information is available upon request in the company brochure.

How can i open an account with Silverman Advisory Group?

Complete our application form and send us the required KYC documentation. Alternately, you can contact us and we will guide you through the various procedures.

How long does it take to begin trading?

As soon as we have finished analyzing your investment requirements and have received your KYC documentation, one of our experts will immediately get you started on your journey.

Can novice investors trade with Silverman Advisory Group?

Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in any way they can to make you feel at ease and ensure that you have a complete comprehension of everything there is to know about the investment or transaction that you will be engaging in.

What does Silverman Advisory charge to trade with them ?

There is no cost associated with creating an account. Our fees are proportional to the amount of trading activity that takes place and are set at 1% for purchases and 1% for sales. When working with our organization, you won’t be responsible for any additional costs.

What does Silverman Advisory Group charge to close an account?

Silverman Advisory Group will not charge any fees to close an account once all financial obligations have been satisfied. This action can be taken at any time.

What are the terms and conditions to trading with Silverman Advisory Group.

The account opening forms contain the terms of service that apply to live trading and maintaining an account with Silverman Advisory Group.

Can anybody trade with Silverman Advisory Group?

At this time, Accounts can be opened by a person only if that person is at least 18 years old.

You are able to submit an application for an account even if you live outside of Hong Kong or if you do not qualify as a Hong Kong resident for tax purposes.

You have the option of requesting a call from our support team via the online chat, or you can send your questions to the following email address: if the answer to your query is not included in the commonly asked questions section.